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  1. Sofia says:

    Hello La Paloma group!

    I attended your one of your concerts last June and I just fell in love with floklorico dancing again.
    When I was 5 years old, my mom forced me to start dancing folklore but after 2 years I just got bored because we kept doing the same dance all the time.
    Our teacher was very nice but I honestly don’t think she was a good folklorico dancer because it seemed like she only knew 6 – 7 songs from jaliscos and 2 from from vera cruz. and los viejitos was my fav.

    After watching your concert last year, I felt that I could just join a folklorico group, which I did but the dancers were show-offs. I won’t mention the group because I have some friends still dealing with the group’s attitude.
    After watching you guys and trying to do dance the same way, and all those regions, I think I’m just going attend all your performances and sit back and enjoy the show.

    I am looking forward to your next concert.
    I’ll keep checking your website for new concert dates.

    Thank You for showing such love of folklorico dances.

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